Add Some Color to Your iPhone 4S

ColorWare, a company that specializes in painting gadgets, is now ready to turn your iPhone 4S green, pink, yellow, or some combination of dozens of colors beyond black or white.

ColorWare iPhone 4s
ColorWare iPhone 4s

Similar to its iPhone 4 treatments, you’ll be able to spice up your device, and its earbuds, with a mixture of glossy, metallic and soft-touch coatings,excluding mainly the front face, which remains stock black or white. ColorWare’s interactive website lets you choose a number of solid, glossy or metallic colors for your iPhone’s frame, back, button – even the SIM card tray.

However, for some unknown reason they’re going to need $1,500 for a 16 GB model, $1,700 for a 64 GB one, or $250 if you opt to send your iPhone 4S to ColorWare and let them work their magic with it. [ColorWare]

ColorWare iPhone 4s
ColorWare iPhone 4s

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