Datamancer’s The Clacker – Steampunk PC Suite

Richard “Doc” Nagy with "The Clacker"
Richard “Doc” Nagy with “The Clacker”

If you think you’re looking at a salvaged vintage typewriter, then you are terrible wrong. What you’re seeing is The Clacker, an incredible PC Suite created by Steampunk modder Richard “Doc” Nagy, also known as Datamancer.  The Clacker is a full PC suite that includes keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, PC, LCD, speakers, table and a matching chair. The PC comes with a powered, spinning brass mechanical display that reminds us of Charles Babbage’s “Analytical Engine” and “Difference Engine,” the big brass mechanical calculators of the early 1900s.

It has antique LCD with an integrated video projector and custom brass film reels, a straight key like mouse and a retro Atwater-Kent speakers with a volume and power control knobs on their base. The set includes one of Rich Nagy’s Marquis Keyboards to perfectly complement the acanthus engraving on the LCD.

I’m assuming that you’re dying to have this package, but The Clacker is still under construction and will be available for purchase very soon. [Datamancer]

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