Diamonds in Glass Imperial Champagne Glass – The World’s Most Expensive Champagne Glass

DIG Imperial Champagne Glass
DIG Imperial Champagne Glass

If you are looking for the perfect work of art to decorate your New Year feast table, check out the Diamonds in Glass’ Imperial Champagne Glass. Austrian glass artist and designer Tobias Berger and Natascha Marx have partnered up to create the world’s most luxurious glassware. Priced at €65,000 ($85,500) it’s also the world’s most expensive champagne glass.

Designed by Tauerngold, the hand-made glasses feature 180 grams of yellow gold. However, the highlight of this plain and classy glass sits at the sole of the foot cup. Set at the stem is a stunning 8.1 carat diamond.

Their Diamonds in Glass technique makes it possible to unite diamonds with glass at 1.200 °C. The pieces are made of borosilicate glass which has a melting point of around 1.200 ºC, whereas diamonds burn at a temperature of about 800 ºC. The glass blower introduces the diamond into the viscous glass mass and places it in the desired position.

DIG Imperial Champagne Glass
DIG Imperial Champagne Glass

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