Hello Kitty – Themed House Worth Almost $1 Million

Hello Kitty, hello crazy people! When I tell you that one sixty year old woman from Singapore has decorated her entire house with pink and white Hello Kitty merchandise, and that obsess cost her a total of S$1.2 million, which is around $865,000, you’ll probably agree with me. The whole house of food supplier Connie Sim bears a seal of approval from Sanrio’s iconic cat.

Hello Kitty - Themed House Worth Almost $1 Million

The entire third floor is covered in floor-to-ceiling wallpaper featuring face and the name of one of the world’s ugliest cats. A 3-D mould of Hello Kitty’s face is replicated on all of her cupboards, doors and drawers. There’s even Hello Kitty themed toilet paper, toilet seat covers, soap and laundry detergent.
The kitchen appliances such as the toaster, coffee grinder, juice maker and slow cooker are covered in Kitty’s face. Also, Sim owns a batches of brand new underwea including a Hello Kitty G-string, 100 T-shirts and 30 sets of pajamas.

Hello Kitty - Themed House Worth Almost $1 Million

Then there is her master bedroom, in which she keeps Hello Kitty mobile phones, hair dryers, steamers, irons, and sewing machines. Not even her on cushions, carpets, fans, lights and cosmetic covers escaped the kitty worship.
“I’m not particularly into Hello Kitty,” Sim says. “I just like the colours pink and white.”
And, this statement is really shocking, when you read the previously text and when I tell you that her investment for the house of almost $1 million excludes the money she blew on collectibles in the past 10 years.

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