Luvienz Caviar Champagne

Creative and imaginative minds can do really amazing things, especially if you think outside the conventional boundaries. Instead of creating a champagne with the usual aromas and flavors, French brand of luxury wines, Luvienz, in its innovations used the unthinkable, caviar. Luvienz Caviar is described as a specific blend of luxury drink that combines old tradition with the new ideas.

Would you drink caviar-flavored champagne?

Winemakers were developing this flavor for five years to create this prestigious beverage flavored with caviar. In 2009, they completed the research, and development, testing and sampling continued throughout last year, when the champagne was presented to a small group of people.

Caviar, which they used, comes from the most prestigious producers of caviar in the world, and the champagne is made from Chardonnay grapes, which is 20 years old. To present this champagne in style and elegance, the bottle was created in the style of magical black dress that every lady loves.

Would you drink caviar-flavored champagne?

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