Luxury Cosmovoide Beds – Making You Feel Like a Pearl in the Shell

Luxury Cosmovoide Beds

Time for some lavish treat! Cosmovoide by the northern France craftsmen is unusually cool luxurious bed that is so magnetizing that you would want to leave all your works there and then to go and have a nap. Its design is unique: the special egg shape was chosen for the feelings of well being and relaxation that is derived as a symbol of life.

The structure of the bed was divided into two separate parts (both can be customized in the colors and materials). Inside the mattress pure latex (as in a bed joint) and around it the egg structure. But aside from it being comfortable the bed is also designed to offer the slumber seeker a technological edge as compared to other beds.

This high-tech luxury bed features 2 electric relaxation bed frames, 7 LED lamps in the colors of the rainbow, a television integrated at the foot of the bed, a DVD player, high-definition home cinema set up, 6 power sockets, and a telephone.

You can also customize the bed to suit your liking. Pricing for the base model sits at a cool $61,415. For that money I would rather buy a some luxury car.

Luxury Cosmovoide Beds

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