Marvelous Mobile Home – Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent Palazzo Motor Coaches

If you are looking for a house on the go as you explore the world by hitting the road, Vienna based Marchi Mobile, is all set to woo you with some brilliant examples of luxury-on-the-go. Their purposely misspelled eleMMent line, playing up the company’s double-M namesake, is the latest high-end luxury coach to include amenities that no one really needs in a roadworthy vehicle.

EleMMent Palazzo Luxury Travel Homes by Marchi Mobile
Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent Motor Coaches Combine Modern Luxuries With 1950s Design

Available in various configurations allowing them to be used for personal travel, commuting or as roaming promotional vehicles, the 40 foot long coaches manage to expand to a livable 430 square feet of space when parked. Including a master bedroom spacious enough to house a 40 inch flatscreen TV, and a pop-up sky lounge rooftop patio. The mobile home gives you everything you need right-from sun bathing to a all out night life party setup.

The amenities would also include the mini-kitchen where you could cater to your gastronomical needs, the integrated communications and location system which shall help you find your way out or simply navigate new zones. Since we are talking of the future, satellite television along with internet will always keep you in touch with what’s happening around the world.

Since they’re designed for consumers who probably aren’t that concerned with their price tag, the eleMMent coaches can be configured with everything from mobile internet, a working fireplace recommended for use only when parked, streaming video surveillance, heated flooring and rainfall shower.

The marvelous mobile home rests on a DAF XF 105 chassis equipped with a max 530hp, 6-cylinder and 4-valve turbocharged diesel engine. The home gives you a Motor sports package XXL with a dual sport exhaust system, Carbon rear diffuser, eleMMent design wheels 28 inch front axle, single-arm windscreen wiper with rotor drive, and a 25% reduction in fuel consumption thanks to an aerodynamic design.

Now exact pricing is still to be determined, since the eleMMent coaches will only be built on a per-order basis. But, three Marchi Mobile Motor Coaches (2 in Russia and one in Europe) are already being used by MM Promotions to publicize the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Sochi, Russia in 2014. [Marchi Mobile]

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