Miami’s Most Luxurious Building Gets “Flying car” Skyport

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

When it comes to the future, we usually think of achievements that involve large amounts of money, so sometimes it seems that the next decades are reserved only for the rich. The stories of flying cars and luxury buildings also contribute to this, especially the one where Miami’s most luxurious building gets a skyport to land just such vehicles.
Paramount Miami Worldcenter is considered the most luxurious apartment building in the entire United States, and could soon go even further, as it should be the first to get a landing spot for flying vehicles.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

This will give tenants the option of dropping onto the roof of a sixty-story building, and the finished skyport also includes a pool that is functional when there is no landing, and that turns into a runway as soon as a flying vehicle approaches and by the bottom of the pool raises to the surface. The skyport is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, bringing the largest commercial construction site in the United States still gain in value.
Flying cars are actually electric vehicles that have the ability to take off and land vertically and resemble helicopters and can carry up to four passengers. Different companies have already designed landing stations for different cities, and the starting idea is generally the same, so each station should have a minimum of two skyports and five filling stations. The Paramount Miami Worldcenter Station is a bit more luxurious, the first to feature a pool, and probably because it’s a smaller skyport that won’t be used for landing public flying vehicles.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

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