MoonAudio TITAN Speakers – Limited Edition Functional Acoustic Art Works

For the millionaire music buff looking to splurge on a speaker system that is unlike no other, the Signature Titan Speaker from Moon Audio is definitely a must buy.

MoonAudio - Titan Speakers

The MoonAudio TITAN is a state of the art audio transducer system designed to outperform any other speaker system currently made in the world today. Unique to the audio world is that it will be a strictly limited edition run of only 3 pairs with each pair hand-signed by the designer. Each pair will also be named after its buyer and once the third pair is built – no more will be constructed. MoonAudio guarantee support for the Titan for 10 years from its purchase date.

The TITAN is the first in a series of what MoonAudio calls its “ultra-limited edition functional acoustic art works”. While the price of the first TITAN produced, number #003 will be $500,000 the cost for the second pair (number #002) will double to $1,000,000 and the third pair (number #001), valued at $2,000,000 will not be available for sale as it has already been sold.

Each unit is hand-crafted using the world’s best materials, parts and drivers and manufactured in the USA. The pair of speakers will weigh over one ton due to their proprietary construction design engineered to remove virtually all vibration from the cabinet and system. Auto-room tune calibration is built into the speaker so it can tune itself for the room.

The hi-tech speaker system boasts of the ability to produce 15KHz to 90 KHz frequency response. The speaker measures 72″ in height, 18 1/2 in width and 32″ in diameter. Just like its heavy price tag, the speaker also weighs 2,800lbs.

The weight can always be forgotten but its price tag is something that cannot be obliterated easily.

MoonAudio - Titan Speakers

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