NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier Can Satisfy Your Music Needs

Despite all those top-notch hi-fi equipment, few particularly demanding audiophiles simply refuse to accept the smallest interferences that might disturb the perfect sound experience of their rare LP collection. If you wish for flawless low-level signal as well, check out the NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier. The 65 pound pure copper preamp supports both balanced and single-ended inputs and output.

Pure Copper NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier
Pure Copper NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier

Featuring a universal AC mains input with power factor correction, this extreme gear has solid copper chassis providing exceptional shielding and grounding along with balanced and unbalanced outputs provided with simultaneous functionality.

Enjoy a long lasting home concert experience for years to come with an initial input of $30,000.

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