New Wine Preserver – Coravin’s Model Eleven

Coravin’s Model Eleven

The premier global wine tech company Coravin unveiled the world’s first connected Wine Preservation Opener which transform the way wine is served, sold and enjoyed. Called Model Eleven, this new wine preserver gives enthusiasts and professionals alike the freedom to drink any wine, in any amount without ever removing the cork. This enables people to drink whatever they are craving and preserve the rest for weeks, months, or even years. It will pair with a newly released app, “Coravin Moments,” which help wine lovers select and savor their favorite bottles and curate unique wine experiences incorporating food, film, music, moods, occasions and more.

Coravin’s Model Eleven

Designed incorporating consumer insights, the new, intuitive Model Eleven is faster, easier and more fun than pulling the cork. Users can pour a sip, a glass, or more, simply by placing the Coravin Model Eleven on top of the bottle and pressing the needle down through the cork. The light ring on the Coravin Model Eleven will turn green, indicating it is ready to pour. Then, just tip the bottle with one hand and the wine will automatically start flowing.
As with previous versions of Coravin, as wine is poured from the bottle, it is replaced with argon, an inert gas used in the winemaking process, to ensure the last glass in the bottle tastes as good as the first. Two pour sizes ensure that whether someone wants a taste or a full glass, the perfect amount of argon is dispensed.
The Model Eleven also features a color LED display with icons and connects via Bluetooth to the Coravin Moments app to make it easier to optimize argon gas usage, remember when the device needs to be cleaned, and monitor battery life. These system stats are also available through the Coravin Moments app, which enables auto replenishment of Coravin Capsules and replacement Coravin Needles.

Coravin’s Model Eleven

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