Only Salvation from End of the World is in Serbia

Mayan prophecy about the end of the world has pretty shook inhabitants of the Earth. Lot of people from around the world who believe that apocalypse will happen on 21st December, are flocked to Serbia, Rtanj Mountain, to provide salvation for themselves and their families. All rooms in the hotels are reserved in advance, and every day nearly 1,000 people in vain try to convince the staff to find a free bed, even in the basement. Local population (which by the way has just hundreds) has used this situation to earn easy money by renting houses, apartments, and rooms for nice amounts, from €200 ($260) for room to €1,500 ($1,960) for apartment, for three days.

Rtanj Mountain
Europian Pyramid, Rtanj Mountain, Serbia


Manager of ethno-house “Balasevic”, Obrad Blečić said that they had 500 requests for booking just in one day. “People want to bring the whole family,” he said. Predictions of apocalypse are related to the fact that one in five of cycle Mayan calendar, which usually lasts for 5125 years, ending on 21st December 2012.

Why Rtanj? Rtanj is mountain situated in eastern Serbia, approximately 200 km southeast of Serbian capital – Belgrade, and is a natural phenomenon of karst terrain. But, that’s not reason for the siege of this place, but the claim of many, including a British science fiction author, Sir Arthur Clark that under the mountain lies the pyramids, left there by aliens thousands of years ago. The alleged ancient structure should be to create the force field around the mountain and protect everything on it right in the moment of apocalypse.

At the top of the Rtanj, at 1565 meters above sea level, there is an unusual hole for which scientists believe to be caused by the meteor shower, but Rtanj’s residents believe that there is one of the exits from the pyramid. Apparently, fireballs appear over the top because aliens have made ​​underground heliport whose secret door opens only in the rainy days when the top is deep into the clouds.

There’s still a couple of days to the end of the world, what will you do?

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Rtanj Mountain

Rtanj Mountain

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