Prophet Mohammed’s Footprint and Mahatma Gandhi’s Painting on Auction

On May 21, Mullock’s auctioneers will be presented on offer a rare art forms who have a large religious, and historic significance across audiences and collectors in the world. The rare pieces are the paintings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed’s (S.A.W) feet, and a painting of Mahatma Gandhi, known as ‘Father of the nation’ in India.

Important Islamic Painting Footprints Of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) feet painting is originated in the Ottoman empire, during the 18th century. After his death, those footprints were moved to various shrines, mosques, and tombs around the world for preservation, and as a mark of holiness associated with the prophet. Some of the imprints are also seen at the Topkopi Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Benaki Islamic Museum in Greece. This art piece is estimates between $15,572 to $23,358 (£10,000 to £15,000).

The painting of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (a.k.a. Mahatma Gandhi), who is revered for his philosophy of non-violence in leading one’s life, is second significant part of the auction. This is portrait which has been signed by Gandhi himself. Apart from this, Gandhi’s personal prayer beads, shawl from the linen he wove himself, personal bowl, spoon and fork, drinking cup, and the famous ivory carved ‘3 wise monkeys’ is also on auction.

One Of The Finest Paintings Of Mahatma Gandhi

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