SMEG Fiat 500 Refrigerator

Model of refrigerator, manufactured by Smeg and Fiat, with the stylish support of company Italia Independent, attracted the attention of all car lovers. These are design concepts that have always characterized the Fiat and Smeg. The result of this unique chemistry is the exclusive “SMEG 500” refrigerator, which serves its purpose while showing off the new look, becoming a subject that captivates, intrigues and refreshes your eyes.

Authentic Italian-made icon, Fiat 500 has expanded its influence in bars and living rooms across the world. Refrigerator “SMEG 500” extends designer collection “Fiat 500” exclusive products like previous sofa and table.

SMEG Fiat 500 Refrigerator

With this new partnership, Fiat confirmed its interest in the world of design, which is not only related to the automotive sector, but also for other “territories”. Therefore, Smeg, a company with a strong reputation in the field of technological knowledge and experience that enables the fulfillment of all aesthetic and functional requirements, proved an ideal partner to carry out this ambitious project. SMEG 500 is also symbolic product that brings the historical relationship between the two examples of Italian excellence.

Fiat and Smeg first met 50-ies of the last century, in the era of mass motorization (New Fiat 500 was presented in Turin on 04 July in 1957), but also in the era of the development of household appliances. The result of that meeting was an agreement to expand production and include refrigerators to offer, thanks to the invaluable contribution of SMEG.

This Energy Class A refrigerator with 100-litre capacity, a dedicated shelf for cans, automatic defrosting, available in white, green or red will cost you $7,300.

The SMEG 500 takes the diminutive Italian motoring icon of the late 1950s and 60s, chops it in half and turns the front storage compartment into an Energy Class A+ rated chest refrigerator

SMEG Fiat 500 Refrigerator

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