Social Network for Rich – Ticket $9,000

The Netropolitan Club is probably the most exclusive online community. Just as there are exclusive clubs the richest and most successful in real life come together, such a place obviously exists online. Someone obviously wanted to separate VIPs from the others even on the Internet. This community is represented as an “online country club for people who have more money than time.” To become member of Netropolitan, you need to pay $9,000 just to be registered, and then the membership fee each year of $ 3,000. It is alleged that this is a social network where you meet like-minded people around the world who share your lifestyle and interests. The service is not available from the public Internet, and there are no ads, the site is not indexed by search engines, and moderators are active at all times to police bad behavior (like spamming ads for your own business). All the transmission between members Netropolitana is encrypted.

Social Network for Rich - Ticket $9,000
This Social Network for the elite is founded by James Peters Thaci, former conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra from Minnesota because he saw the need for for “an environment where you could talk about the finer things in life without backlash – an environment where people could share similar likes and experiences,” he said for CNN.
He didn’t say how large he expects the site’s user base to grow or exactly how many people belong to the group right now. Touchi-Peters did say that a select group of members have been approved to join and that the network will always be very exclusive.

Social Network for Rich - Ticket $9,000

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