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Stargate Home Theater System

It’s amazing what rich geeks can do with a home theater. Jacob Yarmuth, possibly the world’s biggest Stargate fan, spent $70,000 on a state of the art Stargate Atlantis home theater.

Featuring a fiber-optics starscape ceiling that shows galactic clouds and comets passing every few minutes, air pocket doors and faux finished walls complete with backlit panels, the Stargate Atlantis home-theater looks like it came right off the filming set. The circular screen is a perfect replica of the stargate and has a 10-foot diagonal. The gate can be sued to either display a 96” diagonal image or the entire screen can be used to mimic the water effect that happens when the gate is turned on.

Stargate Home Theater System

The audio/video system performance more than matches the futuristic decor. Yarmuth equipped his futuristic screening room with two Sony megachangers able to accomodate 800 DVDs, Atlantic Technology’s THX series speakers pump out seven-channel sound and are accompanied by two Polk Audio IW155 in-wall subwoofers, while JVC’s impressive RS-1 D-ILA (Direct-drive Image Light Amplifier) produces smooth 1080p images. A second light projector is used to create the water scenes in the Stargate. The audio and video is governed by a Marantz SR8002 receiver, and that’s tied to a Control4 automation system.

There are scores of other features like a motion sensor that triggers the air pocket doors to open, a medium density fiberboard build, THX speakers packing the rear of the screen, faux finished walls, etc.

Stargate Home Theater System
Stargate Home Theater System
Stargate Home Theater System

Stargate Home Theater System

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