Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse by Goldgenie for Geeky Bling Lovers

Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse
Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse

Just get ready to add a lavish and shining style into your personal computer. Goldgenie’s Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse is a high quality, compact car mouse with chrome style wheels that has been ergonomically designed for ease of comfort. The mouse features the world’s smallest 19mm USB receiver, even smaller than a coin. With the 2.4 GHz digital receiver and Plug and Play technology, your Swarovski Mouse is always ready to use but possesses an automatic save function to conserve battery power.

Other features include an ultra wide rubber scroll wheel, scroll both horizontally and vertically. The trunk can be opened and closed just like a real car. You can opt of a silver, black and red Swarovski Crystal Wireless Mouse and is priced at £510.99 ($825). [Goldgenie]

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