Guerlain’s Exclusive Golden Bee Bottles

To celebrate 160th anniversary of its legendary Bee Bottle, master perfume maker
Guerlain launched an exclusive range of fragrances.Originally created in 1853 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, founder of Guerlain, legendary Bee Bottle was created for the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III. The bottle was exquisitely hand gilded in 24 carat gold with 69 embellished bees – the symbol of the French Empire. Limited edition of Guerlain’s fragrances comes in exquisite, luxe and decorative Golden Bee Bottles, available with gold or white finished and up to the gigantic 1 litre size. Only 32 numbered pieces of special edition 24 karat gold bee bottles will be produced with a price tag of €12,000 ($16,250) each. Or, you can opt for a 100 ml Eau de Toilette Imperiale, prided at £60 (app $82). Guerlain revives its “Jar of Bees” perfume in 24-carat gold to celebrate its legendary history Guerlain also collaborated with the Institut National des Métiers d’ Art and commissioned nine Masters artisans to recreate perfume history by creating nine works of art, all inspired by the signature bottle. Brand’s 160th anniversary continues with exhibition of this artworks, which will be showcased at the newly renovated Gurelain boutique at 68 Champs Elysées in Paris from December 10 through February 14. Guerlain revives its “Jar of Bees” perfume in 24-carat gold to celebrate its legendary history

The Golden Putter – Most Exclusive Golf Putter

The Golden Putter - Head The Golden Putter If you play one of the most expensive sport in the world, then it’s fine to have a luxurious and expensive equipment. For the passionate golf players, Barth & Sons has developed most likely the world’s most exclusive golf Putter – The Golden Putter. It may not be the jewel encrusted beauty that Odyssey came out with , but the Gold Golf Putter holds its own class. The manufacturer offers several possibilities to further personalise the hand-crafted Golden Putter, with even more exclusive materials and customized luxury details such as Gems, Diamonds or Gold Application. The Golden Putter is made with fine, precious materials, combining both a classical style with a traditional form. The golf club is covered with 24-carat gold. What makes this putter so unique is that each stick is emphasized by a nominal engraving or the gold tablet on the handle. This putter required almost four years to develop after intensive research and development. With the Golden Putter, Barth offers a custom-made luxury golf club that promises to make the golfer in you feel comfortable on the green anywhere you are.