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Take A Bath In Pool Full Of Beer In Austria

Take A Bath In Pool Full Of Beer In Austria

Beer lovers will want to visit Austria, when they read what Starkenberger castle in that country has to offer. Starkenberger castle has seven pools completely filled with beer. Opened in 2005, its basement for fermentation of its worldwide favorite beverage has become redundant, and each pool depth is almost four meters and now is full […]

Futuristic Bathsphere Shower

Futuristic Bathsphere Shower

Bathsphere, shower in the shape of a ball, it looks like it came straight out of science fiction movies.  Bathsphere concept shower is designed by Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky. Based on the concept of “space-to-space”, Bathsphere will build a special place with a unique atmosphere. You can simulate rain, temperature change inside the ball, humidity, […]

£150,000 Swarovski-studded Bathtub at Harrods

£150,000 bathtub studded with 22,000 Swarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods

Why should only your pet enjoy in luxury? If you already have Swarovski Baby Bathtub, then this latest Swarovski Element Saracen bath, by Catchpole & Rye is the offer not to be missed. £150,000 ($225,800) bathtub studded withSwarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods. This luxury bathtub boasts over 22,000 white Swarovski crystals, in four […]

Nahho Musical Bathtub by Duravit – Luxury Threefold: Look, Feel and Sound


Duravit Floatation Nahho Musical Bathtub Add a new level of relaxation to your bath experience with the Duravit Musical Nahho Bathtub. Designed by well-known Germany manufacturer, the bathtub features minimalist design, straight lines and cool white ceramic. The new flotation bathtub is a spa-inspired tub that offers an optimum relaxation. The integrated removable headrest features organic […]

Bon Bon by Ypsilon – Candy Colored Small Bathroom Vanity


Bon Bon Small Bathroom Vanity from Ypsilon Italian design firm Ypsilon has presented a preview of new bathroom classic vanity named Bon Bon, distinguished with its candy-coloured body. The new Bon Bon, small  bathroom vanity is really compact so it’s suitable for any bathroom or powder room. It’s candy colored structure can make of the […]

Lori Gardner’s $39,000 Diamond Bathtub


Diamond Bathtub by Lori Gardner In the world luxury products, especially in the case of household related product lines, there seems to be no limit to the imagination to which an artist can go and bring out some of most unique and gorgeous masterpieces to enhance the aura of your house. This latest bling-encrusted product […]

Pure Gold and Platinum Kitchen Sinks by Alchemy


Alchemy Pure Gold and Platinum Kitchen Sinks Alchemy Glass & Light has just the thing for your opulent kitchen. They are out with two variant of the sink, the first of which is crafted by fusing real precious metals to the crackled surface of thick crystal clear glass. The final result is a stunning shine […]