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    Luxury Color-Changing Bathtub

    Bathroom lighting is one aspect that is often neglected during interior home or office designing. However, selecting the right lighting fixtures for the bathroom is important as it can not only brighten up space but also flatter the overall décor of the place. But, with the latest Hong Kong – Alvarae Design Studios has recently […] More

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    Luxury Bath With Zero Gravity

    For such an experience, you do not have to travel to space anymore… Toto company has announced the production of the first zero-gravity bathtub – The Floatation Tub. It is designed to place the user in a certain position of the body, which supposedly contributes to the deep relaxation of the muscles. This unusual product […] More

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    Bathtub And Washbasin Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

    Villeroy & Boch is one of the world’s leading premium brands for ceramic products. Their latest collection, emerged from the collaboration with the Chinese star designer Steve Leung who has created an exclusive design for Octagon and Squaro Prestige with Swarovski crystals. The traditional Chinese shan shui landscape painting inspired Steve Leung to create the […] More

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    $30.000 Bathtub

    One bathtub that looks more like something from the world of imagination, has the price that we really only be able to imagine … With its futuristic design, this bathtub is named Newton and is artwork by Maison Valentina brand, which are known for their luxury designed bathrooms. White and gold sphere covering the outer […] More

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    Corcel N° 1 – Ingenious Carbon Fiber Bathtub

    After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than enjoying the fine wine and the hot tub. When we talk about the baths, a few things to consider, and one of them is certainly the atmosphere in your bathroom. However, the most important thing that is absolutely necessary for the enjoyment is the design […] More

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    KOI Bathtub by Maison Valentina

    Portuguese luxury bathroom-fittings brand Maison Valentina is best known for their ornately designed modern bathtubs. One of their outrageous and ornate product is KOI Bathtub. The design draws inspiration from the KOI carp and Japanese culture, mimicking the tranquillity of Japanese water gardens. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making […] More

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    Funamori – Boat Shaped Bathtub by ZAD Design Studio

    Perfect piece for Zen bathroom. Sushi boat shape of bathtub. Dubbed Funamori and designed by ZAD (Zone of Absolute Design) Design Studio from Milano, this tub emulates the wooden boat to use the Japanese restaurants to serve sushi and sashimi. Funamori is made from an innovative material known as Adamatx, a modern strong surface composite […] More

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    Mother of Pearl Bathtub for Complete Relaxation

    Expressing sensuality, this bathtub soothes you and stimulates all your senses, invites you to escape and meditate, away from the cares and stress. The uniqueness of this luxury bathtub is its form and function. Lines and organic shapes are made by the company DesignLibero Milan. The inspiration came from shells that produce pearls, so it […] More

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    Splinter Works’ Vessel Hammock Bathtub

    There is no greater enjoyment than sit back in a comfortable hammock! Thanks to guys from UK’s Splinter Works that pleasure in now possible constantly in the comfort of your bathroom. They mixed two major symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a tub and get Vessel Bathtub. It’s made of carbon fiber and is fixed […] More

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    £150,000 Swarovski-studded Bathtub at Harrods

    Why should only your pet enjoy in luxury? If you already have Swarovski Baby Bathtub, then this latest Swarovski Element Saracen bath, by Catchpole & Rye is the offer not to be missed. £150,000 ($225,800) bathtub studded withSwarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods. This luxury bathtub boasts over 22,000 white Swarovski crystals, in four […] More

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    The Overflow Bathtub Collection by Kasch – Relaxing Oasis in Your Home

    If you’re looking for relaxing oasis in your home, you should see these bathtubs from Käsch, a German manufacturer. Designed as harmony with yourself and nature, the Overflow whirlpool collection offer a sensuous experience, balancing and relaxing. The water flows back into the basin in a seemingly endless cycle, giving the impression of a natural […] More

  • Swarovski Crystal Baby Bathtub

    Swarovski Crystal Baby Bathtub For Beyonce`s Baby Girl

    Famous singer Beyonce and her husband Jay Z are expecting a baby girl and they already planing to spoil her, thanks to a gift that will be obtained from Jay Z’s sister. Kelly Rowland has purchased a $7,000 Lori Gardner Swarovski-crystal bathtub as a baby gift for the couple. This diamond bathtub comes with thousands of pink, hand-applied crystals. Designer […] More

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