Stand Craft 122 – One of the Most Exclusive Yacht in the World Listed on JamesList

Strand Craft 122 Yacht Strand Craft 122 Yacht Extravagance – it comes with a free car! Exclusivity – only six will be made. The Strand Craft 122 Superyacht  with Supercar, we first told you about back in May, has come to JamesList. For a roughly $28million price tag, Gray Design of Sweden is actually willing to build you your very own Strand Craft 122 super yacht. The powerful super yacht that can achieve speeds of 55 knots features high gloss mahogany inlays on the foredeck and all-glass atrium covering the cockpit. The retro-futuristic styled interior is made up of four large, bedrooms, reception and salon areas alongside comfortable crew cabins.