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Luxury Lava Lamp Airstream by American Retro Caravans

Caravans have always been practical home-vehicles which in any moment can be placed anywhere, without requiring a lot of space. In 2008, designers Kathy Morrison and Darren Perry came to idea to raise  caravans to the higher level, so they founded  Airstream luxury restoration company, offering bespoke caravans built to suit every fine taste. If […]

New Ray-Ban Flip Out Sunglasses

New Ray-Ban Flip Out Sunglasses remains faithful to the classic style, but is adapted to modern requirements. Offered in both Aviator and Caravan styles,  sunglasses come complete with a kit of three easily interchangeable lenses. The kit comes  comes in three different shades: gold, black and gunmetal. The classic frames not only look elegant but are […]