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    Chess Set Inspired by Star Wars

    French brand S.T.Dupont created an exclusive Star Wars chess set to celebrate 40 years of this iconic franchise, which debuted in 1977 … The chessboard is transformed into a miniature battlefield, on which the struggle between light and darkness takes place, in a distant galaxy. The round table was made of obsidian with polished and […] More

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    $1,65 Million Chess Set

    An antique dealer from New Orleans has just put on sale a chess set you have never seen … It is about intriguing The Battle of Issus Chess Set, which honestly looks like it fell out of a fantastic novel. This chess set is inspired by the homonymous battle, and each piece is designed to […] More

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    World’s Smallest Chess Set Made Out of Precious Metals

    This is the world’s smallest chess set made out of precious metals. Although it’s not the world’s smallest chess set overall though, it certainly is artwork by jeweler Sal Knight, since ,every piece is carved by hand individually. The chess set which is just a bit larger than a quarter. Chess piece are made of […] More

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    Holland & Holland’s The Dalmore Chess Set

    “The Royal Gunmaker”, since 1835, Holland & Holland teamed up with renowned Scottish whiskey maker The Dalmore to create a bespoke chess set. Created by Holland & Holland, the limited-edition chess set was designed to display a The Dalmore’s Constellation bottle of whiskey. The Constellation collection is made up of vintages created at The Dalmore’s […] More

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    Ferrari Carbon Fibre Mahjong And Chess Set

    Ferrari really has a massive merchandise line-up of non-autombile goods. Now, Ferrari can boasts with its name on board game field. Since, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer really ikes to incorporate carbon fiber material into various pieces of their supercars, no wonder why they also wanted to use some for a chess board. First, […] More

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    Ferrari Carbon Fibre Chess Set

    Ferrari makes more than just sports cars. Their significant prancing horse was inspiration for many other products. But, for the first time you can make your move Maranello style with this carbon fibre chess and draughts set from Ferrari. This chess set from Ferrari is entirely handmade in Italy and is constructed using carbon fiber […] More

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    Hermes Samarcande Giant Chess Set

    Luxury brand Hermes has presented a unique Samarcande giant chess set. This set is made of palisander and mahogany wood. If you play with this interesting chess set, it will guarantee you that you will improve the ability to think, and to plan more easily your moves and strategies that will lead to victory. In […] More

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    Baccarat Giant Anniversary Chess Set

    In addition to its 250th anniversary book, Baccarat has now lays out the giant chess set. This anniversary chess set is made of crystal – trademark of the luxury French manufacturer. Oki Sato, founder of Japanese design studio Nendo was in charge to design this luxurious board game. The set comprises 32 chessmen cut by […] More

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    Anglo-Zulu Brass War Chess Set by LittleHand

    “Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists”, said Marcel Duchamp. Guided with this motto, LittleHand, English Artisans produce unique, limited edition cast bronze chess sets that depict notable battles in military history. Their latest creation – Anglo-Zulu War Chess Set depicts two battles of the Anglo Zulu War that took […] More

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    $77.880 Geoffrey Parker’s Most Expensive Chess Set

    Perhaps you’ve read earlier on our site about Geoffrey Parker’s – $7.5 million world’s most expensive poker set and the same company’s most expensive Backgammon game set in the world, priced at $387,890. Now, this traditional British manufacturer of superb games, has introduced Geoffrey Parker’s Chess Set which retails for a whopping $77,880! This Silver […] More

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    Caliber .223 – Unique Chess Set For Cautious Players

    Caliber .223 – Bullet Chess set There are various versions of chess boards and chess pieces. Lovers of most popular game that trains the brain to try to make more interesting and unique chess set. One of them is certainly the Caliber .223 chess set from Olde World Collectibles and Creations. This striking and highly […] More