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Ralph’s Coffee – Ralph Lauren’s First-ever Coffee Shop

Ralph Lauren opens coffee shop in NYC

Ralph Lauren can now add coffee shop to his long list of business. No better way to take a break from shopping then enjoy in a cup of coffee. Now, we can do that in Lauren’s style, since American retailer opened its first-ever coffee shop on the second floor of the new Polo Ralph Lauren […]

With Deviehl Cups Coffee Drinking Is A Luxury Pleasure

Deviehl is all about luxury coffee cups

Deviehl, London based company designed cups which make drinking coffee a luxury pleasure. Andreas Bos and Jonathan Strauss, Deviehl’s founders focussed their complimentary skills and experience in luxury watchmaking, precision engineering and product innovation to design the perfect coffee cup. They managed to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing. Designed to […]

Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro Cigars

Davidoff Masters Edition Club House Toro Cigar woos golfers

Davidoff cigars always maintain the standards of quality and excellence. Davidoff and his sophisticated sense of enjoyment is definitely brought noticeable shift in the jet set. It has become common to expensive Dom Perignon champagne served with Davidoff. Davidoff cigars has definitely become a measure of elitism. Davidoff has unveiled its latest limited edition cigar, […]

Drink Coffee With The Director Of Apple

Apple's CEO Tim Cook

One man paid incredible $600,000 to take a cup of coffee with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Bid is placed on online auction in order to raise funds for an organization that deals with human rights. Coffee with Apple chief executive, Tim Cook, will drink the person with the nickname “SMohsen” which today (April, 29th) offered $600,000 for […]

Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve 2012 for True Coffee Connoisseurs

Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve 2012

For the first time in the brand’s history Nespresso launches its special reserve limited edition coffee, Hawaii Kona Special Reserve 2012. One of the most precious and rare coffees in the world, processed by Nespresso experts, and offered as limited edition is now available to its club members. Made of 100% pure Hawaii Kona Arabica, […]

Jimmy Choo’s Coffee Cup Sleeve to Enjoy Your Coffee in Luxury

Jimmy Choo's Coffee Cup Sleeve

Jimmy Choo tried to add a touch of style to your morning coffee break by launching Rika, a luxurious coffee cup sleeves. Reusable, croc-effect leather coffee cup holder can be used on your own cups or on the cups of coffee you order from your favorite coffee house. It comes in Taupe, dark-brown and black […]

Ospina Dynasty Coffee Awakens All The Senses

Ospina Dynasty Coffee

Ospina Dynasty Coffee A cup of strong quality coffee can really wake up many senses. Ospina Dynasty Coffee from Ospina Coffee Co. does exactly that, because it is the cumulative achievement of five generations of coffee lovers and the product of a land so rich and lush that it is unmatched by any other place on […]