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    New Studio Headphones By Beats Electronics

    Headphones made ​​for enjoyment. Professional quality sound developed in collaboration with Dr Dre, allows you to enjoy your favorite music like never before. Natural sound and advanced design are what characterizes the Beats headphones. Producers promise a memorable customer experience when listening the music with high-quality bass without distortion and crystal-clear sound when playing mid […] More

  • Beatbox Sweet Sixteen by Beats by Dr. Dre

    Beatbox Sweet Sixteen by Dr. Dre Marks Colette’s Birthday

    To celebrate its 16 birthday, French retailer Colette invited 16 designers to work together on unique products. They create the Limited Edition Pink Sweet Sixteen Beatbox by Beats. It comes in dimensions 571 x 254 mm x 222 mm and weight of 5.9 kg. It features beatbox™ speaker system, rubber feet for 2 feet height […] More

  • Limited Edition Swarovski Dr Dre Detox Pro Headsets by Crystal Rocked

    Limited Edition Swarovski Dr Dre Detox Pro Headsets by Crystal Rocked

    To celebrate the release of Dr. Dre’s new and much awaited Detox album, Crystal Rocked has come out with the limited edition Swarovski Detox Pro Headset so you can feel and hear the music how Dre intended. Designed by the famous rapper himself, the headset sports lightweight aluminum frame and well padded ear cushions for […] More

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    50 Cent Makes $8.7 Million Via Twitter In One Day

    50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson, may be the most underrated businessman in the game today. He founded G-Unit records/clothing line, helped Dr. Dre and Eminem bankroll the rest of their lives, made like $400 million with Vitamin Water and now, made another $8.7 million from something as mindless as Tweeting. In just one day, 50 […] More

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    Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Monster Beats Headphones

    Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Monster Beats Headphones The latest Steampunk artifact to make us drool over is a pair of Steampunk headphones and a custom carrying case from Kyle Miller, aka Thin Gypsy Thief. Generally based on Monster Beats Dr. Dre’s Studio version, the Steampunk Headphones is designed by incorporating different materials such as black […] More

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    CrystalRoc Creates Swarovski-studded Sennheiser G2 935 Microphone for Nadine Coyle

    Nadine Coyle at Paul O’grady Show London-based CrystalRoc, well-known for designing musical instruments for some leading pop artists like as Dr. Dre Beats, has designed a new microphone studded with Swarovski crystals specially for Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle. The microphone is a Sennheiser G2 935 and CrystalRoc high chromed the whole microphone, then laid 400 […] More

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    CrystalRoc Fully Crystallized Dr. Dre Beats Headphone

    CrystalRoc Dr. Dre Beats Headphones After festooning the Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica headphones with sparkling crystals, CrystalRoc has done the Dr. Dre Beats headphones too. Good looks teamed with good sound is the most sought after combination. Beats by Dr. Dre from Monster are high definition headphones engineered and designed to reveal the full […] More

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    Snoop Dogg Wanted to Rent the Entire Country of Liechtenstein as a Stage Set

    Have you found Snoop Dogg’s music videos to be somehow lacking? The rapper has staged videos in Brazil, wartime Casablanca, his parents’ house, the Pacific Ocean, and, famously, his hometown of Long Beach. He apparently decided the next logical location for a video shoot would be Liechtenstein, the tiny alpine nation wedged between Switzerland and […] More