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Sweet Perversion – Most Expensive Ice Cream in Dubai Made from Truffles, Saffron and Gold

Scoopi Cafe in Dubai in its offer has a dessert called “Black Diamond“, which is considered one of the most expensive ice cream in the world. Its price is $817 for a single scoop. Like all other ice creams served in this cafe, and “Black Diamond” is made by hand, with no artificial ingredients. Creator […]

Brilliant Blue Metallic Mercedes-AMG GT S On Offer In Dubai

Al-Ain Class Motors car company from Dubai has presented the Mercedes-AMG GT S painted in metallic blue. This car company is valid for, premium auto dealer, since it offers some of the most expensive car ever made, and the latest addition on their offer is the Mercedes-AMG GT in an attractive S variant with Brilliant […]

Internally “Flawless” 100-carat Diamond Could Fetch $25 Million at Auction Next Month

An internally ‘flawless’ 100.2-carat diamond was on show in Dubai ahead of being offered at Sotheby’s auction next month, where it could fetch up to $25 million. This perfect gem, discovered a decade ago at one of De Beers mines in South Africa, is one of just five diamonds over 100 carats and of comparable […]

Dubai Police Adds BMW i8 To Its Fleet

Among numerous supercars and exclusive cars that are available to law enforcement authorities in Dubai, now is also the BMW i8 hybrid model. The Police BMW i8 is received the characteristic white-green “uniform”, and has a hybrid propulsion system which combines a 1.5-liter TwinPower Turbo engine, electric motor and lithium-ion batteries, with power output of […]

Dubai to Get Super Luxury Floating Private Island Villas

A series of super luxury floating private island villas are set to be developed on Dubai’s World Islands project, as part of the Australasia continent, developer Oqyana Real Estate announced on Saturday. Oqyana signed a deal with floating island expert Dutch Docklands to create an archipelago of 20 private man-made islands built in the shape […]

Would You Pay $816 for Ice-Cream Scoop?

If you visit Scoopi Cafe in Dubai and order Black Diamond ice-cream, don’t be shocked when see the price of Dh2,999 (about $816). Yes, that’s the price per scoop, and obviously this Cafe has created the world’s most expensive Sundae. And, that job took five weeks. Served in a Versace porcelain dish with same-style spoon, […]

Luxury Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

The attraction of Dubai is unlimited. We should not forget the fact that this town was built in the desert, which still makes up most of its environment. The desert that stretches all over the place, for some it is an ideal place to establish a high-end luxury resort. Something that has all of these […]