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    2020 Curtiss Zeus – 170 hp of pure electricity

    The future of transport using electric motorcycles is closer than it is thought, although many doubt it. We don’t mean on small scooters, but on the two-wheeler with a lot of power available. This and the latest prototype, named Curtiss Zeus 2020, which shows that electricity and power can definitely go hand in hand. Curtiss […] More

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    Meet Electric Swede With A Price Of €14,000

    Swedish company Cake has made the perfect hybrid of mountain bike and electric motocross machine. Its name is Kalk and it’s fantastic. It is a machine that is not made for any competition, but only for enjoying the ride. The approach used in design is minimalist, which is noticeable on the choice of color, which […] More

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    French Electric Motorcycle Pushes Boundaries Of Traditional Design

    No matter how much we like the smell of gasoline and the sound of the exhaust system, we simply can’t ignore a little strange, but definitely beautiful creations on electricity. Last in the series is the work of French Essence Motorcycles, called E-Raw. As stated in the company, in its preparation they combine raw materials, […] More

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    E-voluzione: Pininfarina’s First Electric Bike

    Pininfarina has unveiled its first electric bike E-voluzione. This electric bike is born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Diavelo, a member of the Accell Group state-of-the-art technology in the bicycle sector. E-voluzione is innovative from several standpoints. The key word of the project is integration. Developed from a holistic design philosophy, all the main […] More

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    E-Bike of the Year – Stromer ST2

    If you’re looking for the most technologically advanced e-bike, take a look at the Stromer ST2 electric bicycle. This $6,990 feature packed electric bike earned the title of E-Bike of the Year at North America’s largest bicycle trade show, the 2015 Interbike Awards. With a super-strong engine and battery, great gearing and wireless connectivity, the […] More

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    Electric Victory Empulse TT

    Competitive Empulse RR is not all that Victory took from Bramma. Except this, it was borrowed and electric naked Empulse R whom Victory renamed Empulse TT. As you can see this is nothing more than a refreshed rebranded model Brammo offers for several years. Polaris hopes that the Victory badge and its dealer network will […] More

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    VanDutch’s Gocycle G2 Electric Bicycle

    Here is VanDutch’s newest addition to its deluxe lifestyle collection – Karbon Kinetics Limited’s Gocycle G2. Designed beautifully by former McLaren industrial designer Richard Thorpe, the Gocycle G2 is the ultimate high-tech, electric two-wheeler. It features cutting-edge design with a micro-sized, ultra powerful motor and integrated dashboard display which includes speed indicator, battery level, and […] More

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    The Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike

    People are often boast with a products that could “change the world”, but in the case of inventions Leaos 2.0 Electric Bike by Italian designer Armin Oberhollenzer perhaps it is not exaggeration. Traffic jams are a big problem in all major cities in the world, so this electric bike is excellent for driving, because, it […] More

  • The new Stromer electric bikes are coming to the U.S

    Win a 2013 Stromer ST1 Elite e-Bike

    If you follow cycling, BMC Group name is probably quite familiar to you. BMC team for many years with its drivers is wins best races all over the world. New bike from BMC is electric bike so it will not be used for racing, but for a comfortable ride with a loved one. Swiss company launches […] More

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    Marrs M-1 With Wood-Veneer Intends to be the Harley Davidson of Bicycles

    Marrs Cycles is manufacturer of electric bicycles, based in Southern California. The company is founded by Kacy Marrs, whose influences come from a long history of riding bikes from bmx and motocross to Harleys. Along with his business partner, Brad Fanshaw (formerly ran a company that built one-of-a-kind hot rods), Marrs proud announce that their […] More

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    Limited Edition High-Tech Electric Bike – M55 Terminus

    M55 Terminus – Electric Bike M55 latest creation of luxury high-tech bike is M55 Teminus. This polished incarnation of their M55 Beast has a truly futuristic look, and it is designed for cross-country use. The electric bike has 25-33 kg, depending on the motor and has a high speeds of 55km/h. It can be further […] More

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