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Glorious Return Of Faberge Jeweled Eggs

Faberge has unveiled its first new collection of fine jewelry egg creations since 1917. The Les Fameux de Faberge collection of twelve one-of-a-kind couture egg pendants pay homage to the legendary Imperial Eggs created by Peter Carl Faberge for Russia’s imperial family, the Ramanov’s. Each of the twelve Faberge eggs is unique and based on a theme, inspired […]

Faberge Soccer Tribute Eggs up for Auction

Faberge Soccer Tribute Eggs Two Faberge Eggs created to honor two soccer players, Celtic legend Jimmy Johnstone and Manchester United’s George Best are being auctioned off by McTear’sAuctioneers in Glasgow, Scotland. The eggs, which have a silver and gold figure of each of the players inside, could fetch between £20,000 ($32,500) and £25,000 ($40,500) each, […]

Viktor Vekselberg’s Faberge Eggs Go To Exhibition To The Vatican

Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg has negotiated through his Link of Times Foundation with the Vatican on the organization of exhibitions for over a year. The talks were long because the museum had high demands for the collection. Finaly Faberge eggs exhibition will open on 14th April, in time for Easter, the […]

Limited Edition Faberge Malachite Egg Inspired by the Architecture of the Uspenski Cathedral in the Kremlin

The Greeks and the Egyptians have been using malachite in their ornaments since 3000 B.C. Malachite is usually attributed to ward off negative energy. It is a stone which aids you in businesses and help you balance relationships. This sounds rather intriguing. However, The Limited edition Faberge Egg is neither from Greece nor from Egypt […]