Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition – Limited to Only Three Pieces

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum was launched in 2012. This collection includes fragrances such as Acqua from 2013, Nero Assoluto from 2013 and Exotica from 2014, as well as special editions Oud Edition from 2013, Tiger Oud from 2013 and Nero Assoluto Exclusive Edition from 2014. Now,
Roberto Cavalli has designed the most exclusive version ever produced – under the name of Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces Inspired by the designer’s love for gold, the bottle and the crown-shaped cap are entirely covered with white gold leaf. Around the neck of the bottle there is a removable collar (that can be worn as a ring or a pendant on a necklace) made of 138 white diamonds and 121 black diamonds. The bottle comes packed in a minaudière case, which is designed by Roberto Cavalli himself. It is made of gold-plated brass with a crocodile pattern. The eagle-shaped tassel hangs on the case. The bottle and its minaudière are displayed in a visually striking lockable jewel case made of rich brown and leopard printed satin. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces Gold Edition blends the noblest perfumery ingredients. It opens with a sweet and luminous top note of saffron that gives way to the woody and animal tones of sensual oud wood—the gold standard in Arabic perfumery. The fragrance closes on a deep root note of incense that adds a subtle veil of mystery. To be more unique and luxurious, this Gold Edition is limited to only three pieces. Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition - Limited to Only Three Pieces

Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition by Suommo – The Priviledge of Dreaming

Baby Suommo is Spanish manufacturer of luxury furniture for babies and children with a handicraft processing of the finest woods and sophisticated designs. When they say luxury that’s in the true sense of that word. You can’t imagine more luxurious than this Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition. The smoothest, most exclusive crib is covered with 18 carat gold and is company’s most significant and remarkable piece, highligting thus the most splendorous dreams.
The world´s most expensive baby bassinet. This world’s most expensive bassinet comes with soft wheels, protector, pillow, mattress, mattress sheet, base sheet, comforter and even the Evian Water is included. Maybe that explains its incredible pricing of €38,000 ($52,250). If you’re not satisfied with this gold edition, there is a plenty of variation available for customization.

Gold USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC) with Swarovski Crystal

NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device NuForce, Inc., a leader in professional and consumer audio solutions, announces the availability of its uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition 24 bit/96kHz USB digital audio converter. that connects your personal computer’s audio to your home stereo, desktop sound system, or headphones. The uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition combines a USB DAC and a headphone amp into one ultra-portable device. Retaining the classic look of the uDAC-2, the elegant uDAC-2 SGE is adorned with a genuine Swarovski crystal on the volume control and encapsulated in a lustrous 24K gold-plated chassis with stainless steel front and back panels. When the uDAC-2 SGE is connected to a computer via the included USB cable, it processes incoming music data files via its audiophile-grade USB audio receiver and then uses a high performance D/A converter chip to translate the data into analog signal, which is then piped out to the connected stereo component, active speakers or headphones. As a step above the uDAC, the uDAC-2 boasts a highly linear TOCOS volume control for improved channel tracking at low listening levels in addition to 24bit/96kHz USB DAC and an improved headphone amp. The uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition comes packaged with an ensemble of very fine accessories such as protective leather case, premium USB cable, cleaning cloth and carrying pouch. The NuForce uDAC-2 is cryogenically-enhanced and costs $399,99.


NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device NuForce Gold-Plated Crystal-Studded USB Audio Device

Limited Edition Porsche Design P’9522 Gold Phone

Porsche Design P’9522 Gold Limited Edition Porsche Design P’9522 in Gold Porsche Design has never failed to turn heads with its range of luxury accessories. This time, the German luxury brand has rolled out a Gold edition of its famous P’9522 mobile phone. The handset casing bears the sleek laser engraving Porsche Design P’9522 Limited Edition on the back as a proof of this limited edition. Marked as a tribute to the eternal and authentic design philosophy of Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of Porsche 911, Limited Edition Porsche Design P’9522 Phone is platted with 18 carats gold and features a sensor that has the capability to read fingerprints and the edition number marked on the side of each unit. The owner can vault the phone with the swipe of his thumb thanks to the Biometric Fingerprint Censor that replaces the dated security pin.