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  • $900,000 Aurum 79 is now the World's Most Expensive Water Bottle

    World’s Most Expensive Water Bottle – $900,000 Aurum 79

    There is no life without water. While some countries are grappling with the lack of potable water, rich people are fighting to own the world’s most expensive water bottle – called Aurum 79. Limited to only three bottles, Aurum 79 is priced staggering $900,000 per bottle. But what so special about this bottle of water, […] More

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    The Chocolate – Sweet Gold Fantasy Wrapped With Swarovsky

    The Chocolate It’s not unusual for gold to be used in products for food and drink. The Chocolate is so special because the chocolate comes with 24 karat gold flakes and is wrapped with Swarovsky crystals. A fusion of British artisan and Italian passion, the Chocolate has taken more than Two years to perfect and […] More

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    24 Carats Beer – the World’s First Beer with Pure Gold Flakes

    24 Carats Beer – the World’s First Beer with Pure Gold Flakes French brewery, i-Beer (i-Bière) launches 24 Carats, the first beer containing flecks of 24 carat gold. Top-fermenting non-pasteurized, filtered and fermented in the bottle, it is designed and manufactured by the Brasserie du Pays Fleming. Also the gold flakes suspended amid clear pale […] More