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Special Mansory Rolls-Royce Wraith Palm Edition 999

Mansory is already well known for its many interesting creations, and this special edition of Rolls-Royce luxury model is no surprise. This is in fact their Rolls-Royce Wraith Palm Edition 999 with numerous gold details on the exterior and interior. Also, there is a large 22-inch alloy wheels with 265/35 Vredestein tires, and all original […]

Discovered Rare Tomb Filled With Gold 2,000 Years Old

In the Chinese Haihunhou cemetery near Nanchang City, archaeologists have found astonishing treasure – about 20,000 gold coins and objects about two thousand years old, which is impossible to estimate market value. It is assumed that the tomb in which he found the gold belonged to Lu Heu, the granddaughter of a powerful Emperor Wu […]

New Givori Calypso Diamond iPhone 6S Model

A company that is specializes in creating exclusive phone models, Givori, knows no boundaries when it comes to luxury accessories for phones. This brand, based in the United Arab Emirates, recently has introduced its range of Calypso models, a limited edition of model iPhone 6S, which is covered with 1,091 diamonds of 10 carats. The […]

Unique Rolls-Royce Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase

Rolls-Royce and its Bespoke division for individualization represent another unique copy of Phantom model with a extended wheelbase. It is a unique Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase model, and with the color that will, by the allegations in the factory, “to collect the sun’s rays during the day in order to generate a subtle but striking […]

Sunken San Jose Ship With Gold And Jewels Found in Columbia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced yesterday that researchers have found the wreck of a Spanish sailing ship that sank more than 300 years, and was carrying a large amount of gold and precious stones. Santos on his Twitter account wrote: “Great news! We have found the San Jose galleon. Tomorrow we will provide details […]

Millionaire Ultimate Christmas Pudding

During the holiday season, everyone wants some decadent and extravagant gifts. Some will buy an expensive Christmas tree, decorations, clothing or gifts for someone else, while one chef has decided that the limits of decadence move much further, presenting pudding which is filled with precious ingredients. As the work of chef Matt Worswick, chef at […]

TopCar Porsche Cayenne Turbo With Gold Vantage Package

Russian tuner, TopCar, has prepared another package of modifications for Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV model. In addition to the gold-colored exterior, on this Cayenne Turbo, which costs 180,000 euros or around $200,000, TopCar has predicted aero body kit with modified bumpers, fender extensions, side skirts, hood with air intakes, rear diffuser, rear roof spoiler and […]