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    Gresso Protective Case for iPhone 6

    Gresso – one of the world’s leading luxury smartphone and fashion accessories manufacturers, is currently in the process of patenting its solution to the iPhone 6’s bending problem. The Gresso Case features innovative design and protection unparalelled in the industry. Due to the Case’s patented magnetic lock system, no assembly is required, allowing for easy […] More

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    The Newest Radical Black Edition by Gresso

    Few months ago Gresso unveiled its first Android based smartphone coated in titanium. Now, Gresso Radical got its companion coated in black. As its predecessor, The Gresso Radical Black Edition is also based on the OS Android 4.1.2 operating system. It’s case is also developed from a single, solid, Grade 5 titanium plate that is […] More

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    Gresso Azimuth – First Luxury Dual SIM Mobile Phone

    It was a matter of time when it will be a luxury dual SIM mobile phone. And finally is here Gresso Azimuth. Manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, Gresso announces a new collection of exclusive dual SIM mobile phones. Unique design and high technologies resulted in Gresso Azimuth mobile phone which weighs 160 grams and is […] More

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    iPhone 5 Titanium Bumper Case From Gresso

    The Swiss manufacturer of luxury phones and accessories, Gresso, has presented its latest range of accessories for the iPhone5s, Gresso Titanium Bumper. They claim that the case is the most expensive iPhone accessory on the market. The price of this modern supplement starts at $1000 and rising to as much as $10,000, if you opt […] More

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    Gresso Radical – Luxury Android Smartphone Coated in Titanium

    Gresso, best known for the world’s first polished titanium mobile phones went a step further. The specialist for luxury high-end mobile phone announces the launch of its first Android based smartphone coated in titanium. Gresso Radical is made of grade 5 titanium that is milled by high-tech machines for nine hours. Final machining – directional […] More

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    Gresso Cruiser Titanium White – for Sophisticated Women

    After recently launched the world’s first polished titanium mobile phone – Cruiser Titanium, this time Gresso has something special for ladies. The specialist for luxury high-end mobile phone has designed the Cruiser Titanium White. As the name suggest, this feminine handset is made from a single piece of pure snow-white titanium, that was hand polished […] More

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    Gresso Cruiser Titanium – World’s First Polished Titanium Mobile Phone

    After successful launching Gresso Regal Titanium – Luxury Angular Phone, Swiss manufacturer of luxury communication devices goes further with premier of its Cruiser Titanium – the world’s first polished titanium mobile phone. Perfectly proportionate form of an elongated rectangle, solid phone case is executed on a high-precision equipment from the titanium – metal widely used […] More

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    Gresso Regal Titanium – Luxury Angular Phone

    Titanium, a very important metal discovered back in 1791 is widely used for aircraft, surgical instruments, dental implants, buildings and in recent times for fine jewelry and high-end watches. Luxury mobile phone manufacturer Gresso, used characteristics of titanium, such as its silver color, strenght, luster, resistant of corrosion (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine), […] More

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    Gresso Unveils a Revolutionary Bumper-case for iPhone 5

    A lot of brands today consciously strive to make revolutionary products, but truly exceptional are revolutions in the luxury industry. Creators of exclusive pieces cannot perform without spark of inspiration, pr cannot replace charisma. Before the most awaited iPhone 5 premiere, Gresso company presents the Revolution Bumper-case. It’s not just a luxurious add matching exquisite […] More

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    Gresso Unveils the New Phone – Cruiser Air Black

    Gresso company presents an exclusive Cruiser Air Black phone. For the first time the company created a handset from a high-resistant aluminium alloy, the major material in the aircraft industry. It is the lightness of the composite that turns airplanes into weighless, sky-gliding creations. Inspired by their fascinating voyages over the infinite spaces, we strive […] More

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    Gresso Regal Black Phone – Dynamic Attitude of Avantgarde Collection

    The Gresso company unveils the new Regal Black phone, the perfect continuation of the Avantgarde collection, inspired by marine and speed themes. The Regal Black impresses with its exquisite design, reminding of swift and elegant lines of high-speed yachts. Sharpened bottom of the case, dynamic silhouette and minimalist style – the whole image of the […] More

  • Gresso Grand Monaco Pure Black Collection

    The Pure Black Phone – The Grand Monaco Collection Favourite

    The Gresso company presents an exclusive Grand Monaco collection model, designed entirely in extravagant black color. The Pure Black phone is a true reflection of sophisticated style inspired by leading-edge supercars. In creating the new piece the designers aspired to add more luxury and elegance to the sports image of the Grand Monaco collection. The domination […] More

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