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    Druida Barbecue Grill by Mermeladaestudio

    The Druida Barbecue Grill by Mermeladaestudio made ​​grill that will give you a new dimensioning of grilling. With its geometrically-patterned surface will sear your steak with a unique set of triangles. The Druida is named after the large kettles in which druids prepare their magic spells. With its stainless-steel and waterjet-cut with a criss-crossing grid […] More

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    New Jaguar XJR Sport Saloon Debuts in New York

    Jaguar XJ family will be at the upcoming New York Auto Show expanded for the sports version XJR. After just one image that appeared last week, Jaguar has now released a complete set of official photos of this model, as well as specific details. Under its hood is a 5.0-liter V8 engine with a supercharger […] More