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    Han Solo’s Laser Gun Could Fetch $200,000 at Online Auction

    Stormtrooper helmet signed by George Lucas recently sold for $245,000. But, hey fans, don’t despair! One other piece of Star Wars history still waiting for you – the laser gun made famous by Han Solo is up for auction and it’s expected to fetch between $200,000 – $300,000. The non-firing, lightweight blaster was created for […] More

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    Hit a target at 1,000 yards? Possible with TrackingPoint’s World’s First Smart Rifle

    Hit a target at 1,000 yards? Possible with TrackingPoint’s World’s First Smart Rifle. An Austin, Texas-based manufacturer of the tech-heavy gun has launched its new rifle that shoots moving targets at extreme distances with near 100 percent accuracy. Company’s Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system integrates precision hardware, digital optics, automatic ballistics calculation, tracking technology and […] More

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    VO Viking Odin Rifle In Honor Of Norse Gods

    Swedish gun and rifle maker VO Vapanhas is best known as manufacturer of the world’s most expensive rifle –VO Falcon Edition, that cost $820,000 and about which we wrote some time ago. Now, the same company come up with  also extraordinary, but a little less expensive creations –  VO Viking Odin Rifle. This rifle  is dedicated to the […] More

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    Chanel001 And Dior001 Gun Makeup Kit By Ted Noten

    Ted Noten Gun Makeup Kit Dutch designer Ted Noten has created two pieces of beauty products for modern women in a provocative seven-part series titled Necessities for a Woman (to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man). Chanel001 and Dior001 contain all the stuff a girl wouldn’t leave home without. Chanel001 conceals […] More