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Crystograph iPad and iPahone 4 Ice Edition with Swarovski Crystal

Crystograph iPad and iPahone 4 Ice Edition Korea based Crystograph has shocked the international market many times by its remarkable luxury products, and now its in mood to do same as previous because now this famous jeweler is with two luxury dazzling products widely used all over the world and these are Ice Edition iPad […]

Cartier iPhone 4 Cases in Four Different Colors

Cartier iPhone 4 Cases in Four Different Colors iPhone 4 case by Cartier? Why not? Louis Vuitton and Prada have cases for iPhone, so another case by Cartier will fulfill the line of the iPhone cases. They offer their new iPhone cases in a number of colors including pink, black, brown and blue. The ultra […]

Table Connect – 58-inch iPhone Desk-sized Replica

Table Connect – 58-inch iPhone This is not just a mock table that imitates the iPhone look. It is actually a 58 inch table with built in capitative touch screen and hidden iDevice connector. Table Connect for iPhone is a 58-inch multitouch surface that accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin dock connector and then, […]

24kt Gold Plated iPhone4 Customized and Personalized to Your Choice

Apple iPhone 4, as its name suggests is the fourth generation of iPhones, preceded by iPhone 3GS. There are iPhone4s done up in Swarovski Crystals, African Blackwood, Animal Skin, Black Diamond, Swarovski Gold & Platinum Edition and Diamond Rose. But if you want additional options, head over to Computer Choppers. Now, you could go ahead […]

The Future of Laptops – the New MacBook Air

New MacBook Air Apple has unveiled the thinnest, lightest MacBook Air laptop yet which combines features from the iPhone and iPad with traditional series of Mac laptop. During a 90-minute presentation at Apple headquarters, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s thinner MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models, along with the new operating system. Some of the more […]

Bone Collection iPhone Unpowered Amplifier

Bone iPhone Unpowered Amplifier The headline really says it all! The Bone Horn Stand is really an un-powered amplifier for the iPhone 4. This fancy device functioning just like those old-fashioned horn-speakers on gramophones. It’s a silicon case that slips over the iPhone’s bottom half, channeling the sound through the trumpet shaped tube, apparently adding […]