New Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection

Jordan's Derek Jeter 3K Collection Jordan’s Derek Jeter 3K Collection Now it looks like Derek Jeter will almost certainly get his historic 3,000th hit at home! Jordan Brand has unveiled its DJ3K collection of kicks and gear in honor of Jeter’s achievements. This new collection features a trainer shoe, a cleat and a special pair of batting gloves. It’s the 10th time that Jeter has inspired a featured shoe through Jordan Brand. Jordan Jeter training sneaker have been designed in special colorways, complete with gold accents on the outsoles, specifically for #2. The training sneakers are maroon, a color that pays tribute to Jeter’s alma mater in Western Michigan, Kalamazoo Central High School. Both pairs of shoes contain insoles with a special printing — the “contract” that his father, Dr. Charles Jeter, wrote and had him sign on his first day of high school, that promised the rising star would work hard to become the best baseball player he could. The same contract has been screened on the special edition shoe boxes.

Katie Price’s $164,000 Barbie Range Rover Vogue

Katie Price's Pink Range Rover Vogue

Katie Price's Pink Range Rover Vogue by Project Khan

British reality star and model Katie Price was obviously passionate about Barbie doll when she was little girl, since she has plunked down £100,000 ($164,000) on the Pink Range Rover Vogue. Katie Price, also known as Jordan, already owns a pink VW Beetle, a candy pink scooter and a pink horsebox both of which are emblazoned with her famous silver glittery tiara stamp. Now, the latest vehicle to join Jordan’s stables comes from Project Kahn, Bradford West Yorks, which customises luxury cars for a string of Premiership footballers,  in the form of a heavily customized Range Rover Vogue. And, of course, it also comes finished in a hot-pink exterior.

Jordan Ridgley’s Porsche Seating Area – Perfect Furniture for Motoring Enthusiast

Jordan Ridgley's Porsche Seating Area Jordan Ridgley’s Porsche Seating Area Are you attracted way too much to your Porsche supercar that you literally cant live without it?. Well, in that case you might wanna keep one of the Jordan Ridgley’s Porsche Seating Area sets in your house. The seating system, conceptualized to be used inside the Porsche headquarters, exudes Porsche’s style and class. The chairs draw inspiration from the iconic Porsche 911 and bring to mind the company’s tradition for designing sleek and timeless automobiles. Jordan Ridgley’s Porsche Seating Area is carefully crafted from top-grade laminated plywood, leather and chrome to illustrate a relaxing and professional appeal.