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  • The Qii Flexible Keyboard

    The Qii Flexible Keyboard

    It may seem like a joke or an optical illusion, but handful of inventors have created the Qii, a stunningly thin and flexible keyboard which rolls into a portable case that you can carry along and pull out and place upon virtually all sorts of surfaces. It comes accompanied by a special app and connects […] More

  • Art Lebedev's New Optimus Keyboards with LCD Display

    Art Lebedev’s New Optimus Keyboards with LCD Display

    Russian design studio Art Lebedev, creator of the Optimus Maximus – world’s most expensive keyboard in 2008 ( around $1,700), has released a cheaper range, but still for wealthy. For those who doesn’t know, the Optimus Maximus keyboard featured individual OLED displays for each key that shows the function currently assigned to it. The success […] More

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    The Great Industrialist Chrome Keyboard by Datamancer

    Steampunk modder Richard Doc Nagy, also known as Datamancer recently unveiled this fabulous computer peripheral, the The Great Industrialist Keyboard created for the luxury site CEO Collective. Through a perfect melding of artistry and technology, these elegant keyboards are both beautiful and fully functional. Each one is meticulously crafted and interfaces smoothly with virtually all […] More

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    New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard by Datamancer

    New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard by Datamancer Some keyboard may have extra features or a more ergonomic design, but what if you’re looking for a little bit of extra style? New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard by Datamancer could be your answer. Made in polished brass and aluminum the keyboard features a stepped and layered layout. Inspired […] More

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    Amosu Couture Unveil BlackBerry Bold 9780 in 24 Carat Gold Plated

    Blackberry Bold 9780 by Amosu Couture The BlackBerry Bold 9780 has got gold treatment by Amosu Couture, who specializes in adding luxury and fashionable coating to handsets. The company has previously coated the 9780’s predecessor, the BlackBerry 9700, in gold, and where the 9780 saw improvements of a 5-megapixel camera and 512MB of RAM over […] More

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    ZAGGmate iPad Case – Perfect Companion for Your iPad

    ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case Everyone knows that taking notes and responding to lengthy emails on the iPad is near to impossible. Fortunately, very well known mobile accessory maker, ZAGG created the ZAGGmate, an iPad case with or without built-in keyboard. On the outside, the ZAGGmate looks and feels just like an original Apple gadget, thanks […] More