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    Vivid Audio’s Giya Line Among the Best and Most Expensive Loudspeakers

    Vivid Audio launched themselves in July 2004 with the Oval line of B1, K1, and C1 models, but it was a few years before their efforts percolated into the consciousness of the world of high-performance audio. Following on the Ovals’ heels came the Giya line, named for a Zulu tribal dance. Giya range of loudspeakers […] More

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    Sahara Speakers by Rinz Sound

    Rinz sound is a British Luxury Brand that produces high-end sound systems and ultra-contemporary hi-fi speakers. Their speakers are creations combining precious and innovative materials with a distinctive 21st century cutting edge design that fuses classic with contemporary. They are unique for being entirely handcrafted, for being bespoke and for being the world’s first recycled […] More

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    Bang & Olufsen Sound System For New BMW X5

    Like BMW 6 Series and 7 Series and the new BMW X5 has got a Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound. It is the first-ever BMW SUV to be fitted with the unique Bang & Olufsen sound and the first BMW model with Bang & Olufsen sound to be produced in the USA. New sound […] More

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    Naim Ovator S-800 Loudspeaker – Finally After 5 Years Research

    British hi-fi specialist Naim Audio were unveiled it’s long-awaited flagship loudspeaker, the Ovator S-800, at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show. It took 5 years research a new technology called Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR), and introducing their own Naim BMR drive unit, which eliminates the need for a separate tweeter because it is able […] More

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    Sonus Faber Unveils $120,000 Aida Speakers

    Sonus Faber is celebrating the launch of their Aida loudspeaker with a series of dealer events across U.S. The speaker actually stands as a tribute to the Cremonese school of violin makers, whose creations were known for their large orchestral formations of sound, a characteristic carried forward in the Aida speakers. The lute shape of the speaker […] More

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    Alexandria XLF Loudspeaker by Wilson Audio

    Wilson Audio has just announced the Alexandria XLF Loudspeakers, positioned above the existing Alexandria X-2 Series 2, which will continue in production. You’ll simply fall in love with these beautifully crafted floor-standing loudspeakers that offer more than just excellent quality sound. Dave Wilson, founder and president of Wilson Audio, says that the Alexandria XLF is a no-compromise […] More

  • Göbel Epoque Reference Loudspeakers

    Göbel Epoque Reference Loudspeakers

    The German high-end loudspeaker manufacturer Göbel unveil Epoque, their lates reference class loudspeaker. With two options in terms of colors including the brilliant white and black, the majority of the speaker’s body has been created out of aluminum, which has been given anodized treatment to give a special smooth finishing. The black rectangles on these speakers are actually […] More

  • Meridian Audio 40th Anniversary Edition System

    Meridian Audio Unveils 40th Anniversary Edition System

    Reowned hi-fi manufacturer Meridian Audio marks its 40th anniversary with a limited edition music system based on an enhanced pair of DSP8000 Speakers and the 808 Signature Reference CD Player. Aesthetically, the Anniversary System will only be available in Ruby finish. Meridian Audio’s 808 Signature Reference CD player features a legacy CD-ROM drive that allows for data […] More

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    Magellan Cello Speakers By Triangle Unfold Music in a Whole New Format

    Magellan Cello Speakers by Triangle Triangle industries has dedicated to creating an acoustic and aesthetic identity unique to the brand that is clearly distinguishable in the end product. The latest product from the French manufacturer of electronics, Magellan Cello Speakers is a fusion of crystaline clarity, authentic musical quality and elegance. The Cello Speakers are […] More

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    New Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System for BMW 6 Series Coupe

    New Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System for BMW 6 Series Coupe (Press Release – Struer, March 2011) – Introducing the Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System for the all new BMW 6 Series Coupe – the first in-car sound system developed by Bang & Olufsen for world-renowned car manufacturer, BMW. In September […] More

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    The New Magico Q3 Loudspeakers – Heaven For Your Ears

    Magico Q3 Loudspeakers Magico is a leader in high-performance loudspeaker design and manufacture. Now, Magico has developed a new Q3 Loudspeakers that generates sounds like in recording studio. This five driver three-way floorstanding speaker is housed in a fully-braced, fully-damped, aluminum and brass hard-anodized enclosure. It utilizes a number or proprietary Magico design elements and […] More

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    Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Reproduce Music at Live Listening Levels

    Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Seattle based manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems, Genesis Advanced Technologies, has announced the 2.2 Junior, a line-source loudspeaker. While the Genesis 2.2 Junior is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the 2.2 four-tower line-source system, the company claims it to be high on performance like the latter. First […] More

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