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Louis Vuitton Cup 2012 Accessories Collection for Sailing Enthusiasts

LV Cup 2012 Collection

New Louis Vuitton Cup 2012 Collection includes products available in ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories. The whole collection boasts technical subtleties inspired by the world of sailing: water and salt resistant, ease of movement, finely-worked finishing. The special part of the collection is accessories offered for Spring/Summer 2012. LV Cup 2012 Accessories Collection consists […]

The $68 Louis Vuitton Condom Adorned with Iconic LV Monogram

The $68 Louis Vuitton Condom

When regular Trojans just won’t do, there are Louis Vuitton Condoms. The condom was actually designed and created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia Republic, who is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton company. Although the condom does feature the Louis Vuitton LV monogram, the company did not create it. In fact, According to the official website, Kiziria […]

Louis Vuitton Monogram Foldable iPad Cases

Louis Vuitton Monogram Foldable iPad Case

Louis Vuitton has came out with two new foldable iPad Cases – LV Monogram Canvas iPad Case and LV Taiga Leather iPad Case. Unfortunately this applies only to the lucky ones in Italy and France. Difference between these two cases lies only in their appearance, while have same features. The exterior of the Monogram iPad Case […]

Louis Vuitton’s Honey – Miel la Belle Jardiniere

Louis Vuitton's Honey - Miel la Belle Jardiniere

Two years ago, Louis Vuitton used ACE Hotel’s idea of setting up beehives on the hotel’s rooftops and making their own honey. After they installed three beehives on the roof their Parisian headquarters, the time has come for their first harvest. Almost 200.000 bees in their hives have made a new LV sweet product - Miel la Belle Jardiniere. […]

Louis Vuitton Island Maison At Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Louis Vuitton Island Maison At Marina Bay Sands

Louis Vuitton is ready to open its first Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 18th September this year. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Peter Marino,this  new luxury shopping paradise will sit directly on water, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay. It will not be just a luxury house of fashion, but a space that also […]

Louis Vuitton 4motion Sunglasses – Particularly For Sportsmen

Louis Vuiton 4Motion Air Sunglasses

Summer has already started, but you still have time to get quality and nice looking sunglasses. Fashion house Louis Vuitton has launched 4Motion Sunglasses that represent the ultimate in advanced design and technology for high-level sports enthusiasts and designed to satisfy all the demands of the connoisseur. Louis Vuitton 4Motion sunglasses are with the 100% […]

Finally – Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases

Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases

Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases If you’re decked out in an Armani suit with a Hermes tie, sporting a Prada belt with matching Gucci leather shoes to match, the only thing you would be missing is a Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case. If you are one of those then you will be glad to know that Louis […]