Mont Blanc’s Fountain Pen For $1.14Million

Today’s young generations not only do not know how to write with fountain pen, but a good number of them had never seen the device for good writing except perhaps in grandfather’s drawer or on television, during the signing of an interstate act. Today’s writing with fountain pen is paramount, the emanation of personal style or measure of good taste. Manufacturer
Mont Blanc left a strong mark on customers who do not change their models for decades, others never. Now they managed to produce Ruby Fountain Pen, which is worth a whopping $1.14 million. Now they managed to produce Ruby Fountain Pen, which is worth a whopping $1.14 million It is on sale exclusively at Mont Blanc’s new boutique store, in the Galleria luxury mall in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This limited edition Mont Blanc fountain pen is encrusted with 351 diamonds, 315 rubies and18 carat gold nib which is rhodium plated. If this is too much for you, you can by at the luxury store, a limited edition Atelier Privé UAE Flag fountain pen in white gold set with rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds and includes an embedded UAE flag on the cap for $35,393.

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case – Turn Your iPhone into One Stylish Accessory

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case Mont Blanc Meisterstuck iPhone Case Montblanc are best known for their excellent pens and watches, however they also have a range of very high quality leather goods, of which this Meisterstück iPhone Case is the latest addition. The high-quality black leather molded case comes complete with Montblanc star logo letting onlookers know you shun silicon skin style cases. The Meisterstück iPhone Case doesn’t appear on the Mont Blanc website as yet, but there is a chance it may be for sale in a Montblanc boutiques, however there is no mention of price for this little gem. Bear in mind that their Meisterstuck wallets are pretty much all £150 ($235)-plus, so it’s unlikely this will be cheap.

Mont Blanc Celebrates Queen Elizabeth I with Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I Fountain Pen

Montblanc’s newest Patron of Art Edition celebrates the legendary Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I built up 16th century England into a world power and her legacy is celebrated with two fountain pens the Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I is limited to 4810 fountain pens and a finer edition is limited to 888 writing instruments.
Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I Fountain Pen

Limited Edition Patron of Art Elizabeth I Fountain Pen

The 4810 limited edition pens swank of a body and cap of black valuable resin with gold-plated inlay even as the better-quality edition of 888 is a 750 solid gold fountain pen with a red lacquered drum and cap. This better-quality edition is finished of 18k gold and aspects a festooned gold tiara in which Elizabeth I ascended the throne in 1559.

Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition Takes Personalization to a New Level

Montblanc Personal Code Ink Edition Since its launch in 1924, the Montblanc Meisterstuck has been recognized as the icon of writing culture. Handwriting is one of the most distinctive signs of personality and ink on paper means “liquid thoughts” – especially in times of communication by e-mail or text messages. To make handwriting even pure personal and unique, Montblanc developed an ink that is linked to each individual as matchless as a fingerprint. And so that’s why Montblanc Personal Code Ink has been created. Available from Spring 2010, this revolutionary set of writing instruments with the Personal Code Ink will, for the first time, offer luxuriant, handcrafted Montblanc pens imbued with a new, cutting-edge ink to facilitate the manual art of self-expression.