New BUBEN&ZORWEG VIP Lounge in Moscow – Zhukoffka Plaza

BUBEN&ZORWEG chose Moscow exclusive “Zhukoffka Plaza” for its latest VIP-Lounge. Located in the most affluent residential quarter of the Russian capital,” Zhukoffka Plaza” is one of those exceedingly rare places which include some of the greatest luxury brands in the world such as Hermès, Christofle, Saint-Louis, Etro Homme Collection, Pratesi, A. Raynaud & Lauren Home, Phyllis Morris and others. And now, they are joined by BUBEN&ZORWEG.
BUBEN&ZORWEG VIP Lounge in Moscow

BUBEN&ZORWEG chose Moscow exclusive “Zhukoffka Plaza” for its latest VIP-Lounge.

The new BUBEN&ZORWEG VIP-Lounge at “Zhukoffka Plaza” is the first space of its special kind in Russia. Unique and perfectly distinguishable from the surrounding areas, the lounge design was executed at the highest level and includes a special Weapons Safe room with mirrored surfaces that become transparent on demand. The owner than has to submit his digit to a state of the art fingerprint scanner in order to gain access to the precious content safely protected inside. Yury Streltsov and Harald Buben, respectively heads of Zhukoffka Plaza and BUBEN&ZORWEG, first came together in Mai 2013 during the annual Baselworld show, when Mr Streltsov immediately recognized the exclusivity and the high level of craftsmanship of every BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece and was particularly fascinated by the Luxury Safes collection. BUBEN&ZORWEG Luxury Safes stand out trough its unique design, level of innovation and High-End security solutions. “Our masterpieces are first and foremost modern Design pieces and a Highlight in any living room” says Harald Buben. “With them we show our Clients that Safes don’t need to look like simple metal cubes to effectively precious items. Our new VIP-Lounge in Moscow is a perfect proof of this”. The VIP-Lounge with the luxury safes of BUBEN&ZORWEG are exclusively presented in Russia by “Zhukoffka Plaza” along with a selection of the best furniture, house accessories, jewelry, gifts, clothes and other items of the highest quality.

Russians Can Now Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Russian tycoons would not have to travel to New York looking for Tiffany’s goods. Luxury American multinational jewelry and silverware corporation, with headquarters in New York City reportedly plans to open a two-level store in Moscow’s GUM department store in Red Square. The luxury 4,520 square feet store is expected to be opened in the first quarter of 2014.
Tiffany to Open a Store in Moscow “Establishing a presence at this pre-eminent department store is a milestone in our growth strategy as a leading global luxury brand and underscores the importance of the Russian market,” said Frederic Cumenal, executive vice president at Tiffany. “We’ve designed the store with the warmth and elegance that make our legendary jewelry collections a pleasure to explore, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the Tiffany shopping experience.” Rumor has it the store will have Tiffany Blue themed interiors with archival motifs symbolic of Tiffany’s 175 year heritage. Some of the exclusive features are polished stainless steel details with a wheat leaf pattern that frames the entrance of the jeweler’s Fifth Avenue flagship store; marble and amazonite floors; and custom furnishings inspired by the stained glass works of Art Nouveau designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of the company’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany. The luxury retailer’s brand has had a presence in Moscow for years. But not like this.