Edouard Manet ”Spring” Portrait At Christie’s Auctions

Picture of French impressionist Édouard Manet “Spring” will be sold at auction in New York on November 5, and the starting price is $35 Million, according to auction house
Christie’s. “Spring“, which represents a Parisian actress Jeanne Demarsy in colored dress, was first presented at the Paris Salon in 1882. The canvas is owned by the American collection for over a century, and the last two decades is exposed at the National Gallery of Art. Edouard Manet ''Spring'' Portrait At Christie's Auctions Prior to the sale in New York, Manet’s work will be exhibited in Hong Kong, London and Paris, Christie’s said and added that the money from the sale is intended for an private American foundation that deals with ecology, public health and other humanitarian issues. Édouard Manet (1832-1883) was a French artist whose work is inspired by the Impressionists, but he refused to be classified in this movement. His great influence on French art in general and the development of modern art, was established thanks to his portrayal of everyday life, using simple and clear colors and vivid painting techniques. Edouard Manet ''Spring'' Portrait At Christie's Auctions