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    Pierre De Roche’s TNT Royal Retro 43 Bonnie & Clyde

    Pierre De Roche is a Swiss small brand with a big sense ambition. This time, we present you their limited edition model – TNT Royal Retro 43 Bonnie & Clyde. TNT range was first released in 2009, and immediately drew our attention thanks to its distinctive case design and of course the complication in the […] More

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    Pierre DeRoche TNT RendezVous Watch Remind You to Meet Someone

    Pierre DeRoche TNT RendezVous Watch Pierre DeRoche, in its latest creation, the TNT RendezVous Watch, has combined the most advanced mechanical watchmaking with subtle musical poetry. The latter is achieved through a remarkable striking mechanism, based on two gongs. Coupled with the striking-mechanism’s on/off function, this device is unique on this kind of watch and gives this exceptional timepiece […] More