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    LEAP – Innovative Alpine Pod

    There’s a new way to live in the mountains and it’s called LEAP (Living Ecological Alpine Pod). The passion for the mountains and for the wonderful natural sites of the earth is the driving force that unites all the people that contribute daily to the work and growth of LEAPfactory which resulted in design solutions […] More

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    Podzook – Bespoke Backyard Sanctuary

    Home office! Writers nook! Epic play space! Bespoke backyard sanctuary! All these describe Podzook. Designed by a trained architect Judy Bernier, this epic, innovative, and eco-friendly object that was originally made for the UK is now available in North America. Built in Maine, the Podzooks are crafted using locally sourced materials from this richly abundant […] More

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    Mycoocoon Color Immersion Pod

    In ancient times and across cultures, color was a means to heal and awaken spiritual strengths. Designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai and Marine Peyre, Mycoocoon (my cocoon) is a color immersion pod based on the principle that each person is drawn to the color that they need to balance their energy level. It is created […] More