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    Range Rover Sport At The New York Motor Show

    On the eve of the New York auto show Rover presented the latest Range Rover Sport. Important role in the premiere of this model has the current James Bond, British actor Daniel Craig, who drove a new car through the streets of Manhattan. Rover described this car as “the fastest and most agile” model in […] More

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    2012 Range Rover Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 by Project Kahn

    Project Kahn has developed a upgrade kit for the 2012 Range Rover Sport, called the Vesuvius Edition Sport 300. The Vesuvius Edition package features an extravagant looking matte-orange hood as well as customized orange and black interior pieces that look quite sharp. The color combination extends to the black rubber sidesteps with an orange edge, the quad […] More

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    Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition

    Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition If your in Europe and for some reason you don’t think the current Range Rover Sport has enough luxury, Land Rover has the model for you. Called the Range Rover Sport Luxury Edition, it slots in between the HSE and Autobiography editions. On the outside, the grid was painted Gloss Black color […] More