HiCan Bed – Everything You Would Ever Need in Your Bedroom

Are you willing to pay an exorbitant amount of cash to have some fancy bed in your bedroom? If you are, you might want to give HiCan $60,000+ (€42,000) for its High Fidelity Canopy bed.
HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy Besides the usual mattress and pillows, the pricy piece of furniture includes retractable privacy blinds, a hi-def video projector that works with a retractable screen at the foot of the bed, a state-of-the-art sound system, a built-in multimedia PC and gaming console and a pair of reading lights. For the truly lazy and/or bed-ridden the HiCan is also equipped with a home automation system for managing all of its built-in components, including an adjustable bed as well as other appliances or devices in your bedroom. The company’s philosophy states that the very cool bed was conceived with the idea that we have so much going on in our modern lives that we should have a comforting place to retreat to. Don’t expect to buy one just yet, the company has an exclusive reservation list for interested buyers. [HiCan]
HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy

HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy

HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy
HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy

HiCan Bed - High Fidelity Canopy


Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Reproduce Music at Live Listening Levels

Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Genesis 2.2 Junior Loudspeakers Seattle based manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems, Genesis Advanced Technologies, has announced the 2.2 Junior, a line-source loudspeaker. While the Genesis 2.2 Junior is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the 2.2 four-tower line-source system, the company claims it to be high on performance like the latter. First announced at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the 2.2 jr incorporates a single 48-inch ribbon midrange and twelve 1-inch ring-ribbon tweeters mounted on a solid 1.5-inch thick cast acrylic baffle. It also includes two 12-inch independently servo-controlled woofers per channel. The two woofers each incorporate its own accelerometer and 600W amplifier. Three additional 1-inch rear-firing ring-ribbon tweeters complete the dipole.

Olive O6HD 2TB Command Center – Central Hub for Serious Home Audio Systems

Olive O6HD 2TB Command Center Olive O6HD 2TB Command Center HD music server maker Olive has launched a new product with a price tag that will undoubtedly shock some potential buyers. Dubbed the O6HD, Olive calls device an audiophile’s dream and has placed on it a $4,999 price tag, twice as much as Olive’s previous top-level server, the O4HD. The O6HD’s 2TB storage can hold music from 6,000 CDs uncompressed or up to 20,000 HD songs, with full album art and tags. You can navigate all those tunes with the built-in 10.1″ touch screen or on your iPad or iPhone via Olive’s iOS app. In addition, the server includes wireless-N networking and a Gigabit Ethernet port to pull music to the device over the network. It also has one HDMI port, one USB port, and an infrared receiver input.

LG Debuts 31-inch World’s Slimmest OLED 3DTV

One of the biggest names in the field of consumer electronic products, LG Electronics, has taken the IFA 2010 expo in Berlin, Germany, by storm and has taken the 3D revolution to new heights.
31-inch LG World's Slimmest OLED 3DTV 31-inch LG World’s Slimmest OLED 3DTV The South Korean electronics giant has now introduced an all 3D TV that is not only designed with state of the art OLED display but is also touted as the world’s slimmest 3D OLED television with a humongous screen size of 31 inches. The entire 3D OLED TV measures a mere 0.29 cms in thickness and is capable of delivering razor sharp picture quality in both 2D and 3D. This incredible piece of hardware comes with Wide Colour Gamut and No Colour Gamut technology that enables to provide the same picture quality and color levels, regardless of the viewing angles. Owing to its thickness you can place it anywhere you like walls, countertops, bedrooms, practically anywhere. Priced at $9,000, the LG’s O3D LED TV comes lined with a thin silver bezel and polished silver back.

Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection

Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection Porsche Design Heritage Eyewear Collection
The Porsche Design Studio was established in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer of the iconic Porsche 911 and grandson of the founder of the world-renowned German automaker. Since then Porsche Design has become synonymous with innovative luxury products boasting immaculate craftsmanship, state of the art technology and the absolute highest quality materials, all adhering to the same clear functionality of form. While the product line ranges from cell phones to superyachts these days, sunglasses, one of the first items produced and one with the strongest ties to driving, remain the most appealing.
Porsche Design is responsible for some of the most iconic sunglasses ever made, seen on a who’s who list from the rich and famous to the infamous during the 1970’s and 80’s. To pay tribute to the most groundbreaking models in their history Porsche Design sunglasses has released their Heritage Collection.