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    Neyk Submarine – World’s First Luxury Underwater Vessel

    Ocean Submarine comes what might actually be the world’s first luxury underwater vessel. This Netherlands brand is teaming up with Rolls-Royce, MTU, and Bosch to create the new Neyk Submarine – the 63-foot pressurized vessel, capable of speeds of 15 knots and depths of 500 feet carrying a dozen passengers. Neyk Submarine is the most […] More

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    Ultimate Luxury Submarine – Neyk 9F

    Construction is underway on the first luxury submarine which promises ultimate underwater exploration. Result of eight years of research and development, Neyk 9F Luxury Submarine is the most maneuverable submarine in the world and it has an ultramodern teardrop-shaped design. Even the superstructure merges fluently into a teardrop shape and is as smooth and slender […] More

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    U-Boat’s C-Researcher 2

    U-Boat’s C-Researcher series offers scientists, researchers, documentary makers and explorers the most outstanding submersibles ever built. Apart from the fact that these versatile submarines are ideally suited for research, their view, efficiency and speed make them also perfect for those who simply wish take in the views of the deep sea. The five different submarines […] More

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    Take A Peek At The New Yacht Of A Russian Billionaire Worth $300 Million

    Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko has became the owner of another luxury yacht, whose equipment and construction cost about 300 Million US dollars. Although the Russian oligarch called his yacht, simply, NAO, by the old Italian word for boat, in the interior and exterior nothing is simple. For example, a new yacht of family Melnichenko is […] More

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    Unforgettable Underwater Experience with DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II

    Following the successful Super Falcon Mark I, DeepFlight led by industry pioneer Graham Hawkes, has designed the pinnacle of personal submersible technology. Completely redesigned, the Super Falcon Mark II is created to do barrel rolls with dolphins, spy-hop with whales, and will take you anywhere you want to go underwater, in style, safety, and comfort. […] More

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    World’s First ‘Underwater Plane’ Voyage at Fiji’s Laucala Island

    From now holidaymakers are able to enjoy the ultimate underwater experience without getting wet. Fiji’s private Laucala Island will be the first resort in the world to offer a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible experience. Safely and comfortable nestled inside the two-person submersible, guests can enjoy gliding through the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific […] More

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    James Bond’s Submarine Car Sold At RM Auction

    The third James Bond film in which the main role was played by Roger Moore probably is one of the five most popular film of the popular franchise and it is largely thanks to the many underwater scenes in which is main star Lotus. Esprit S1, or “Wet Nelly,” as we previously announced was offered […] More

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    RM Auction Hits Again

    RM Auctions had another amazing sale. Collectors have been very interested in a wide selection of rare cars. Some of the cars have overcome the expectations of all those present. Stunning Laidlaw collection Porsche 904/6 Grs makes a hammer price of $1,700,000. Unique 007 Lotus Submarine Car found a lucky new owner at $860,000. One […] More

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    James Bond’s Lotus Esprit On Sale

    In addition to the Aston Martin DB5 model, which is full of all sorts of gadgets, undoubtedly the most famous movie car of all time, which was used in five James Bond films, the second Bond car taking the title of the most impressive “Transformers”. Of course, this is a car / vehicle submarine Lotus […] More

  • MIGALOO Private submersible yacht by motion code blue

    Migaloo, Submarine Superyacht

    With one of its latest designs, Motion Code: Blue design studio  adds something new to the world of nautics. Its a 115 M private submersible yacht concept, based on the idea to transform the well known hull design of a submarine into a superyacht. All common features of a superyacht are given, plus the additional […] More

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    New Toy for the Rich – Spymaster’s Orcasub $2 million Made-to-order Private Submarine

    Spymaster – London’s leading spy shop supplying surveillance, counter-surveillance and personal protection equipment showed its creativity when released a mock-up of a $2 million private submarine. New toy for the rich people, dubbed “Orcascub” is a made-to-order submarine that can drop up to 2,000 feet into the briny depths with two passengers who can climb […] More

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    C-Explorer 5 Luxury Submarine by U-Boat Worx – World’s First Subsea Limousine

    The C-Explorer 5 Luxury Submarine, that debuted at the 22nd Monaco Yacht Show, is just like its manufacturer, Dutch company, U-Boat Worx described – “the world’s first subsea limousine.” After two years of developing, U-Boat Worx managed to design luxury subsea vehicle, precisely limo primarily intended to wealthy yacht owners and their guests for organizing […] More

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