$1 Million Nemo Submarine by U-Boat Worx


Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has just launched their new Nemo submarine that costs around $1 million (€975,000 ex. VAT). The Nemo is touted as being the world’s only production line submarine. Also, it’s the world’s lightest submarine since it weighs only 2,500 kg.
Designed for the private use, this 2-seater lightweight submersible can be towed behind a car on a trailer for shoreside launching, and then towed to the dive site by boat or using a small yacht.

Nemo Submarine

Despite being a compact submarine, its performance is spectacular. Its speed under water is 3 knots (5.5 km/h or 3.4 mph) and can dive to a depth of no more than 100 meters. The submarine is designed for 8 hours of battery life.
Another noteworthy feature is the manta controller which brings with it intelligent pilot assistance functions such as “auto-heading” and “auto-depth”.
Also, very important, U-Boat Worx provides a 12-day training course at their facility. After the course, the owner will become a certified submersible operator.
Sale starts at $1 million for a standard model – color, lights, sonar – with additional packages that encompass anything from improved lighting, sonar, and navigation, to a manipulator arm.

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