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Gold and Ruby-encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren on Sale for $11 Million

Gold and Ruby-encrusted Mercedes SLR McLaren – work of Swiss entrepreneur Ueli Anliker, is soon going to be put up for sale for a cool $11 million. This shiny Mercedes is the result of the more than 30,000 hours of work, up to 35 people involved in the transformation. Untold quantities of 24-carat gold and 600 rubies […]

Gold and Ruby Encrusted McLaren SLR 999

McLaren SLR 999 adorned with a gold plated finish of more than 5 kg Trends in gold-plated car gathering popularity. And once again the target premium cars that alone is worth the original tower. Swiss car designers Ueli Anliker have taken the Mercedes McLaren SLR 999 and literally upgraded it to gold status. After making […]