The World’s First 7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin – One of the Most Popular Attractions in Singapore

You might’ve lived in 5-star and 7-star hotels before, but have you ever heard of a 7-star VIP bejeweled cabin? Touted to be the world’s first 7-star jeweled cabin, this room is built to accommodate up to 4 passengers, and is set in Austrian Swarovski crystals both inside out.

7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin
7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin

One of the most popular attractions in Singapore, the Mount Faber Cable Cars, has a glass body and that includes a glass floor too, which, by the way, too has been decorated with Swarovski crystal ices. The room also has well upholstered big and comfortable chairs that have arm rests covered with black Swarovski crystal, Swarovski diamond glass panels for the roof, ambient lights at thefoot, and 19inch LED screen with a DVD player, a refrigerator and high-end Bose music system.

No pricing information is available at present time for a ride on 7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin but we expect it will have a special place among the world’s ‘high flying elite’.

7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin
7-Star VIP Jeweled Cabin

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